2024 Big of the Year – Molly Hardman

Molly (Big) and Adriana (Little) have been matched since February 10, 2015. Molly has been a constant presence in Adriana’s life and they have truly grown up together, being just 25 and 9 years old when they first met. They quickly bonded over a mutual of love animals, crafting, and spending time in nature.

Molly has introduced Adriana to many new experiences over the years, always encouraging her to open her mind to possibility and fight any younger fears. Both Molly and Adriana agreed that one of their favorite memories was getting to volunteer at a wolf sanctuary together. Molly has witnessed Adriana’s passion for animals from age 9 and has encouraged her to use this love of hers to make a living. As Adriana is approaching high school graduation, she already has plans in place to start a business that revolves around animals. Molly has told Adriana that she will continue to be there to support her every step of the way and can’t wait to watch all of Adriana’s dreams come true.

Adriana shared that she’d always wanted a sister, and once Molly was in her life, she finally had one. Their friendship has been special from the moment they met and it has meant so much to Adriana that Molly was always present, helping her through ups and downs, giving the best pep talks, and showing her all the good in life. When reflecting on what their match may look like in the coming years, Adriana said that she always wants Molly to be a part of her life, including being at her wedding one day! Molly shared a similar sentiment: “It doesn’t end at 18. We are always going to be friends.”

In addition to being an incredible mentor to Adriana for the past 9 years, Molly has also been a champion of our program as a whole. She is always willing to be put in touch with new volunteers to talk about her experiences, served on the Bigs Advisory Committee, and has been a part of the BBBSSM Beach to Beacon team multiple times.

Thank you, Molly, for your unwavering dedication to mentorship!

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