2024 Match of the Year – Andrew & Jalen

Andrew (Big) and Jalen (Little) have been matched since July 6, 2017. They have always loved keeping active on outings and have tried lots of different things like salt-water fishing, skiing, catching frogs, flying kites, playing basketball, going mini-golfing and go-karting, building birdhouses, learning how to weld, and more! One of their favorite places to go together continues to be Flatbread Pizza, a tradition they started early on in their match.

Andrew regularly attends Jalen’s track meets, always eager to cheer him on and celebrate his accomplishments at the finish line. Andrew is regularly in awe of how driven Jalen is and has been proud to witness him excel in all his sports, academics, part-time work, and extra-curriculars.

Jalen has been a big part of Andrew’s life too, including being the ring bearer at Andrew’s wedding. They both shared that picking out Jalen’s suit for the occasion was such a special moment in their friendship.

Andrew has been an encouraging presence in Jalen’s life since they met nearly 7 years ago. He has been a listening ear, helping Jalen navigate typical hurdles youth face, including ‘girl problems’.

Jalen’s mom, Courtney, has wholeheartedly supported their match since the beginning: “I seriously wouldn’t change a thing about their relationship. Andrew goes above and beyond. It means so much to Jalen having Andrew show up to his track meets and games, on top of their outings. They always have such a good time together.”

Both Andrew and Jalen have grown immensely over the years together and feel totally confident that their friendship will continue well beyond their formal time with BBBSSM.

Congratulations Andrew and Jalen!

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