BBBS Month BIG Impact Challenge

Mentorship is more than simple trips to the park, a sporting event, or coffee runs – it creates a lifelong impact for both Big and Little.

In seemingly small moments of connection, our Bigs are helping pave the way for positive long-term outcomes every day. In a nationally conducted survey…

  • 94% of Littles said by having a Big they have more confidence
  • 93% of Littles said having adults who care and look out for them is very important to helping them achieve their goals
  • 80% of Littles said they feel their Bigs help them a lot

That’s why all September long, we are going to be celebrating the importance of mentorship and challenging our community to raise $25,000 in support of the BIG impact our mentors make in Southern Maine.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine grows because of caring community members like you investing in youth mentoring.

More than a donation…it’s empowering potential.

Support the BBBS Month BIG Impact Challenge at


See the big difference our mentors make in real time.