In the Spotlight: Patrick & Maddox

Patrick (Big) and Maddox (Little) have been matched for nearly a year, with their match anniversary coming up on December 22nd. You may have met them at the Pickleball for Potential tournament in November – they came to play together for a bit and then Maddox volunteered while Patrick participated in the Intermediate division.

Their Program Manager, Jess Dolan, shared “Each time I check in with Maddox he shares more and more about the time he spends with Patrick. His engagement with his Big, staff, and participants at the Pickleball tournament was a pleasure to witness; a huge growth in confidence since Maddox was first enrolled.”

Maddox’s grandmother has also noticed a positive difference, commenting on how Maddox’s mood is always so uplifted after he spends time with Patrick and all he wants to do is talk about what they did on their outing. Reflecting upon this past year, Grandma told Jess that “Maddox has come a long way in being open and engaging with others. He just went to a Pickleball tournament with Patrick and was so excited to tell me all about it and the things he did there. He and Patrick are a good match.”

Maddox has described their match as fun and nice. He speaks very highly of Patrick and his favorite thing about being a Little is all the new and exciting things that they get to experience together.

Patrick shares that he feels the two of them get closer each time and that Maddox seems much more comfortable offering activity ideas. 

We are excited for Patrick and Maddox to continue on this great trajectory as they enter the 2nd year of their mentoring friendship!

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